Join us EVERY Thursday from 4-8 for Burger Night.  Enjoy our 1/2 pound burger with your choice of cheese and Burger bar that includes cole slaw, potato salad, house chips and a variety of burger toppings.  All for $10.99+Tax. 

Call for reservations at (941) 749-1842.

Due to high demand for this event, Reservations are HIGHLY recommended and the following reservation policies have been implemented to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for you:

  • Reservation “seating times” – We are spacing out reservation seating times so the kitchen doesn’t get inundated with all folks ordering in a short time window.  Reservations start at 4pm and typically run thru 6:30pm.  We will be seating people in 15 minute increments.
  • Table Sizes & Large Groups – We love the atmosphere that comes with the larger parties all enjoying time with us. However, we must implement some table size maximums to help keep the kitchen as efficient as possible. Max Table size will be 8 people.  If you have a large party of say 12, 16, or 20+ people, we will simply take the size of your overall party and divide It into sets of tables that will be side by side. Again, this will allow for orderly processing of orders and aims to improve food delivery times for everyone.