As part of your membership with Heritage Harbour Golf Resort, you have been automatically setup with a Chronogolf account that provides a variety of additional features and benefits to you. The following is a list of the features/benefits that this membership provides:

  • Make and change tee times online 24×7.
  • Full Golf Members can make online tee times up to 14-days in advance. Other memberships are between 7-10 days in advance depending on level.
  • Access see the tee sheet and Heritage Harbour membership roster so that you can see what other members are already playing to look for groups of other members that may have openings and to add other members to your tee time.
  • NOTE: Each member will have the ability to set their own privacy setting to have their names and information removed from the Tee Sheet and
  • Membership Directory if they so chose. This can be updated once you log in using the Privacy Settings under the “Memberships” tab.
  • Ability to apply any discounts or pre-paid rounds credits to the tee times for you and your guests while making these to ensure that you and your guests receive the applicable rate when checking in.
  • Track upcoming tee times and look at past bookings
  • Track Loyalty points and Credit Books that have been accumulated that you can use for certain types of purchases. (Coming Soon with new Loyalty Program)
  • Social Members can use this to track the availability of your outstanding points and usage. Once the full loyalty program is implemented ALL members will be able to track both the accumulation and usage of their Loyalty Rewards.
  • Installing the Mobile Application on your phone will be a convenient way for you to notify our staff that you are a member and the type of member to ensure that you receive the proper member benefits and that your are attached to any
  • F&B purchases to ensure that you receive your loyalty points and can use your points for payment.
  • Check the status and availablity of any packages that you may have purchased or are part of the benefits of your members
  • Track remaining Prepaid Rounds
  • Discounted Guests Fees
  • Manage/Update your user information such as address, phone #, birth date, gender and email address. Some of these, such as your birthday will be used for special promotions and loyatly rewards to make sure that these are updated.
  • Manage the credit cards assoicated with your account that are used for any automatic billing for subscriptions or house accounts.
  • Manage other tee times and memberships that you may have at other courses that utilize the ChronoGolf platform.
  • Chronogolf consolidates all clubs that you have used a given email address to under a single account where you can view and manage them all under this same account, thus if you have previously used Chronogolf for other clubs, your Heritage Harbour account will be automatically added to your existing account. Same holds true if you join a membership at another club that uses ChronoGolf AFTER you had been setup as Heritage Harbour in that your new club will automatically be linked into this account.

These ChronoGolf membership features/benefits can be accessed via two (2) different mechanisms. Both mechanisms provide full access to the features described above. For Tee Time reservations, the online website provides a more “user friendly” experience, however if you are out an about and want to get your tee time booked you can easily do this via the mobile application.

  1. The Chronogolf website at:
  2. The Chronogolf Mobile App that can be downloaded onto your mobile device from the playstore on your applicable device (i.e. iphone, ipad, android phone or other tablets).

The following will provide you with links to documents that will provide detailed instructions on how activate and access these applications. Click the links to the right of these documents to download the PDF’s and then follow the instructions:

You must first Activate your Chronogolf account before you can use the website or the mobile application.

Activate your Chronogolf Account

Downloading the ChronoGolf Mobile App