As part of your membership with Heritage Harbour Golf Resort, you have been provided a COMPLIMENTARY membership in the ClubSync Golf community that will provide additional benefits both within the Heritage Harbour membership as well as opportunities to network with other ClubSync members around the world. The following is a list of the features/benefits that this membership provides:

  • ClubSync is a mobile application that provides a social media platform for Golf Clubs that provides all the features of Facebook, Linked-In and Evite all in one easy to use platform.
  • Join different golf and social groups that have been created within the Heritage Harbour Golf Resort to get to meet and participate in events with other members with similar interests/skills/age/gender
  • Create your own groups and events to help organize games of golf or other activities (Tennis, Fitness, Pickleball, Book Club, Poker night, etc) with like minded members
  • Use your GHIN number when registering to provide automatic membership into ALL clubs that you are affiliated with and visbility to your handicap to other members that you may want to join groups or request to be hosted.
  • Participate in “Open” groups and events that are being offered by other ClubSync Members/Clubs around the world
  • “Host” features allowing you to request to be hosted by other members within the ClubSync network at their clubs.  Opportunity to gain access to some of the most prestigiouos private clubs in the world.
  • See below for a gallery of videos that will show you all of the exciting features and “How To’s” to get the most benefits out of the application.

To download the app and start using it, follow the instruction below.  As part of the original launch of the ClubSync application, most of you have already been setup and you should have received an email with a link to your account.  If you joined as a member prior to March 1, 2023 and did not receive this email then check your SPAM folder.  If you can’t find the email then it is not a problem, you will just need to request for your password to be reset from the app once it is downloaded.

The following will provide you with links to documents that will provide detailed instructions on how to Download the ClubSync App onto your mobile device and then how to Register for the App if you have not already been setup.  Click the links to the right of these documents to download the PDF’s and then follow the instructions:

Downloading the ClubSync App

Registering for your ClubSync Account

ClubSync Video Tutorials

Below is a library of Video Tutorials that will provide you with an overview of how to use some of the features of the application.  These tutorials are also available from within the ClubSync application if you would like to view them on your mobile device.

It is highly recommended to take a few minutes to review these so that you can get the most out of the application.   If you are interested in becoming a more advanced user and being an organizer of groups, matches and events please contact the Pro Shop and we can arrange for someone to work with you.  We will also offer some webinars for you to be able to learn more about these and ask questions so look for these in the Events section of the site.